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Crossings Magazine readers have what we refer to as TIM: Time, Inclination and Money---the necessary components to indulge their passion for travel and personal indulgence. They are not only a high quality audience---they share a propensity for achievement and self reward. At the end of the day, they feel entitled to a slow-burning Macanudo, a snifter of brandy and a good read.

They are well read, well travelled and they are avidly awaiting your message.
Advertising Rates
Full Colour1x3xBlack & White1x3x
Full Page*7,5006,900Full Page6,3005,800
1/2 Page5,3004,7001/2 Page4,4003,900
1/3 Page3,8003,5001/3 Page3,2002,900
1/6 Page2,6002,3001/6 Page2,3002,100
Double Page13,50012,000Double Page11,70010,400
*Add 15% for a cover position
Ad Specifications
Space SizeWidth Depth
Full Page7x10
1/2 Page (3 Column)7x4
1/3 Page (2 Column)4 5/8x4
1/6 Page (1 Column)2 x4
Double Page15x10
Mechanical Requirements
Trim Size:8 wide x 10 deep
Bleed Size:8 wide x 11 deep
Double Page Spread:15 wide x 10 deep
Double Page Bleed:16 wide x 11 deep
Column Width:2
Number of Columns:3

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